Orthopedic care from people who know you

Continuity of Care

Coffey Health System offers continuity of care from the primary care physician and radiology, to Orthopedic Surgeon Shane Fejfar and the surgery team, to hospital care and physical therapy—even home health care when needed—an approach that creates a personal connection between the patient and healthcare professionals.

"We go through the entire process with the patient. We have surgery and rehabilitation here at the hospital, we have swing-bed, home health, and out-patient services. With that continuity of care, you’re not going from one physical therapist to another facility where you have to re-explain your story," Physical Therapist Heather Taylor explains. "We know you. We’ve worked with you in the hospital. We’ve seen you at your worst and then—on your last day of rehab—we will celebrate with you at your best."

Rehabilitation doesn’t mean expensive equipment or daily trips to the gym. Coffey County Hospital’s physical therapists carefully structure treatment plans that can be carried out with typical household items.

"We try to make sure that everything we do here, our patients can also do at home," explains Physical Therapist Heather Taylor. "For a knee-strengthening exercise, we will sometimes put a coffee can under the patient’s knee. For shoulder surgery, we will use a cane or yardstick to help with their range-of-motion. If a patient needs resistance exercises, we’ll use a thera-band that we provide to them at no cost so they can do their strengthening at home."

Taylor points out that successful rehabilitation starts long before surgery, with strength-building and realistic expectations of recovery times, which vary significantly.

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The Basics of Orthopedics