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Emergency assistance at the push of a button

AlertOne personal home medical alarm provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones.If we all knew exactly when we were going to fall or when we would need help we could be prepared, but regrettably we do not know. You trust that you will never have an emergency that requires assistance; but if you do, will someone be there to help you?

Every day, more than 100,000 senior citizens enjoy the peace of mind and lifeline to help provided by the Resource One home medical alarm system.  Our customers purchase their personal medical alert service for a variety of reasons. Some purchase service because they are concerned about falling or have fallen recently. Others make the decision to be protected by the pendant-activated alarm system because they live alone or are concerned about periodically being aloneMany more, including seniors, simply love the freedom and confidence of knowing that help is at their fingertips by simply pressing the Resource One pendant transmitter, which is worn around the neck similar to a medical alert necklace.

Having an Resource One personal home medical alarm will provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Remain at home with confidence because Resource One is on-call to assist you. You can feel comfortable knowing that if you have an emergency, your call will go directly to Coffey County Hospital.  We even test your system monthly.  

If your goal is to maintain your freedom and independence, then our home medical alarm system is a good decision for you.

Why Resource One is the Most Preferred Provider

* No Activation Fee — Resource One never charges an activation fee.

* Free Equipment — The medical alarm equipment you need is provided to you at no charge with service activation.

* No per call charges.  Use your system as much as needed.

* All calls answered locally at Coffey County Hospital.

* Courteous, friendly service — From the staff who installs your system, to the attendant answering your call, you always receive personal services.

How the Resource One Medical Alarm Works

A medical alarm can provide the peace of mind you and your family need.  Whether you are purchasing one for yourself or a loved one, you will find the Resource One medical alarm quite simple to use.

Your new Resource One medical alarm has a necklace transmitter.  The transmitter is small, discreet, and fully waterproof so you should never need to remove it.  When you have an emergency—or simply need Resource One to get you assistance—just press the button. An attendant at Coffey County Hospital will respond quickly and talk directly with you using our voice medical alarm.  It couldn’t be any easier.

You do not even have to pick up a phone to talk with us.  Our medical alarm console contains a powerful speaker for you to hear us and a sensitive microphone for us to hear you.

Once Your Alarm Has Been Activated

You can use your medical alarm to contact us at any time.  We will, in turn, contact your responders (the people you designate us to call when you need help).  Your responders can be neighbors, family or even the ambulance or police. 

The necklace transmitter should work from anywhere in your home and, in some cases, it will work out into your yard.


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