Education Assistance

Investing in Our Best Resource:  Our Employees

CHS has established an educational assistance program to provide employees with the opportunity to enhance their development, increase knowledge and skills, and earn undergraduate and advanced degrees related to their work.

Eligibility. Regular full-time employees who have completed twelve months of continuous employment are eligible to apply for the program. In order to be eligible, employees must obtain the written approval of their manager.

Covered expenses. Tuition costs, examination fees and required laboratory fees at an accredited institution are covered by the program. Books, travel, parking, lodging and extraneous fees are not reimbursable expenses. Employees will not be paid for their time spent in courses in which they enroll voluntarily.

Annual reimbursement limit. The annual dollar limit on reimbursable tuition expenses is $2,500.

Grade requirements. The eligible expenses that the company will reimburse to eligible employees for courses are based on the employee’s final grade received for the course, as follows:
Grade — Amount refundable (up to allowable maximum)
A: 100% reimbursement
B: 75% reimbursement
C: 50% reimbursement
D: None
Pass/Fail courses: Reimbursement at 100% upon receipt of a passing grade.

Job-related. Courses must be directly related to the employee’s current job, an advanced position within the company, or an identifiable career path within the company in order to qualify for reimbursement. Classes must not interfere with an employee’s normal work schedule. No more than two classes may be taken per semester.

Approval. The Executive Council will review and determine the final approval for tuition reimbursement requests.

Time of reimbursement. There are no advance payments. Reimbursements are made after a course is completed. Employees who quit a course, quit employment, or are discharged for violating company policy are not eligible.

Taxability. Tuition reimbursement payments may be subject to tax and tax withholding. Employees should consult with their tax advisor.

Application process. Employees should complete the application and receive approval before enrolling. Forms are available from the human resources department.

Employee reimbursement to the company. Employees who voluntarily leave employment with CHS within two years of receiving tuition reimbursement must reimburse the company for any payments received under this program within the year prior to their departure.

Training. In addition to courses that employees may choose to pursue under the tuition reimbursement program, employees may also be requested to attend training classes, seminars, and meetings during the course of their employment. This training is intended to enhance employee effectiveness on the job and to widen the employee’s career path. The company will pay 100 percent of the cost of training courses, seminars, or meetings that employees attend at the company’s request. Employees will also be paid for time spent in such activities.