General Information
General Information
Physician services - Each resident in a nursing facility shall be admitted and remain under the care of a physician of the resident’s choice.  Federal regulations require that a Medicaid resident be seen at least once every 30 days for the first 90 days after admission, and then seen at least once every 60 days thereafter.  The physician will also see the resident when necessary due to:
  • a change in the resident’s condition as determined by the physician or licensed nursing staff,
  • when the resident or resident’s legal representative requests a physician visit, and
  • at least once annually.
We encourage private-pay residents to be seen every 60 days, but the resident or resident’s representative may elect to decline the physician’s 60-day visit.  The physician may delegate resident visits to a physician assistant or registered nurse practitioner.  The physician will counter-sign all orders for medications prescribed by a physician assistant.

Pharmacy services -
Pharmacy services for our residents is provided by Allegre Rexall Drugs, 6 West Broadway, Lebo, Kansas.   The telephone number is (620) 256-6122.

Sunset Manor uses a Unit Dose Medication System in dispensing medications.  The resident may purchase medications from the pharmacy of their choice, provided the medications are delivered to the facility packaged to comply with the Unit Dose System. The resident, resident’s family, or the pharmacy must assume the responsibility for delivery of the medications.  The facility will cooperate in ordering and administering VA and AARP provided medications.

Smoking and Use of Tobacco - All Coffey Health System premises, including Sunset Manor, are tobacco-free.  Tobacco use of any kind is prohibited – both inside and outside – by employees, residents and visitors.  Our tobacco-free policy is intended to create a healthier environment for our residents, visitors, and staff.  

The tobacco-free policy was initiated January 1, 2007.  A few residents who made their home at Sunset Manor before that date may continue to smoke in restricted areas outside the building.  Smoking is strictly prohibited to subsequent admissions.

Laundry - Emphasis is placed on the appearance of our residents.  It is important to residents, family, and staff that each resident is clean, comfortable, and well-dressed.  Provision of clothing is the responsibility of the resident and/or the resident’s representative.  Specific clothing recommendations are provided during the application process.

All resident clothing must be labeled with the resident’s name in an inconspicuous place with sew-in labels or indelible ink even if family/friends are doing resident laundry.  

Beautician Services -
The facility has a fully-equipped beauty salon with three licensed beauticians from the community who come to the facility at least weekly or as requested. The resident or resident’s representative may select the beautician of their choice. Hair care by the beautician is the responsibility of the resident or his/her representative.

Transportation -
The facility is responsible for all non-emergency medical transportation Medicaid residents.  The service is provided by facility-owned, handicap-equipped van or facility-owned minivan. We encourage family or responsible party to accompany the resident to appointments.  For private-pay residents, transportation is provided for a fee.

Resident’s Personal Property
- We encourage residents to bring personal possessions including some furnishings and appropriate clothing as space permits.  Every effort will be made to protect the resident’s personal items from loss or damage while he or she is a resident.

A written inventory of the resident’s personal possessions, signed by the resident or the resident’s legal representative shall be completed at the time of admission and updated at least annually.

All personal effects brought to any resident must be brought to the nurses’ station and checked with the nurse in charge before delivery to the resident.  The nurse will label each item and record them in the inventory.


Resident’s Personal Funds - The resident has the right to manage his or her financial affairs.
The resident may authorize the facility in writing to manage any personal funds.  If the resident chooses to have the facility manage their funds, the facility may not refuse to handle these funds.

Upon written authorization, the facility must hold, safeguard, manage, and account for the personal funds of the resident deposited with the facility.  Residents will have access to petty cash from their personal funds on an ongoing basis and will be able to arrange access to higher fund amounts.

Mail Service - The facility staff will deliver mail on the day it is received, Monday through Saturday.  The facility will also mail letters on the day they are given to the Activities Director for mailing.

Extension cords and power strips - Electrical extension cords are not permitted in the facility. Power strips may only be used with lamps, computers, telephones, televisions, and radios. It is recommended that you consult with the housekeeping/maintenance department prior to connecting any electrical appliance to an outlet.