Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Retirement should be enjoyed, not spent on household chores. You can maintain your independence—and break free of housekeeping and yardwork—at The Meadows in Burlington.

I’ve heard of assisted living, but I don’t need assistance. What does The Meadows offer for me?

Freedom. You can sell the lawn mower and the vacuum cleaner, because you won’t need them anymore. There is a common misconception regarding assisted living facilities like The Meadows: despite the name, a need for personal assistance is not necessary. We have residents who require no personal assistance at all, they simply enjoy retirement at The Meadows with all the amenities. They entertain friends and family, drive their own cars, and come and go as they please.

If I am completely independent, does that affect my monthly rate?

Yes. Our payment plan consists of four separate levels of care with monthly rates based upon each individual’s need for personal assistance. Level I offers three home-cooked meals per day, basic housekeeping, and maintenance services. From there, the levels of care advance to Level IV which includes bathing assistance and limited nursing care.

Do I have to move if my needs change?

No. Your apartment is your home. So long as your personal needs stay within the state guidelines for assisted living, there is no need to move to a different apartment. Assistance comes to you, as you need it. Changes in your Level of Care, whether it be additional assistance or reduced assistance, are simply reflected in your monthly statement.

Are there certain physical requirements for assisted living?

Yes.  Essentially, you must be able to get out of your apartment and through the hallways' double doors completely unassisted.  This is a state-mandated requirement to help assure your safety.

Can I entertain family and guests?

Certainly!  Your friends and family are welcome.  If your apartment is not big enough to fit your guests, we have spacious community rooms that you are welcome to use.  We even have a private dining room that your family can use for special dinners, birthday parties, or other gatherings.  Or, if you'd like to continue hosting a bridge club, Bible study, or other small group, our community rooms are great for that, too.

Do I have to give up my car?

Absolutely not.  You will even have parking near your apartment. 

Are the activities required? 

We'd love to have you join us for any activities you'd like, but you are under no obligation.  We schedule a variety of activities to encourage residents to move their bodies, challenge their minds, and enjoy time with others. 



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