General Information
General Information

Sunset Manor General Information

The new culture of aging calls on us to respect the power of community and interdependence. The new role of leadership is to ensure participation by elders in decision making; or moving ownership of decision making as close to the elder relationship as possible. Each of us must work deeply on our own journey of aging, transforming our traditional fears and uncertainties into a hopeful, joyful embrace of who we are and our understanding our new capacities for growth and giving.

Sunset Manor’s goal is to promote quality of life, self-image, and independence. Resident-centered care is the basis of Sunset Manor’s care delivery system.
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We believe that the resident and his/her family should be guaranteed the following:
  • Continuity of past life patterns and preferences,
  • Consistency in caregiver’s approach and expectations,
  • Respect for personal values and beliefs, and
  • Involvement in decision-making

About the Facility

The “family” of residents living at Sunset Manor is as important to our staff as your personal family is to you. We assure them the opportunity to become part of a larger community including a caring staff, the other residents, and an involved community of people.

Sunset Manor opened in March of 1977. Since Coffey Health System purchased the facility in 1997, many changes have taken place. A major renovation was completed in 2001 including the addition of a new entry, living room, laundry room, and storage space. Other renovations included updating the kitchen, dining room, and nursing station. These changes have helped create a comfortable home-like atmosphere.

Although the resident rooms are small and space is limited, we encourage the resident and family to bring personal items such as pictures, wall hangings, furniture, dresser, favorite chair, TV, radio etc. from the resident’s home. If sharing a room with another resident, it must be remembered that possessions cannot take up more than the resident’s half of the room. These special touches help the resident adjust to their new living arrangements.

General Information

Smoking and Use of Tobacco

All Coffey Health System premises, including Sunset Manor, are tobacco-free. Tobacco use of any kind is prohibited – both inside and outside – by employees, residents and visitors. Our tobacco-free policy is intended to create a healthier environment for our residents, visitors, and staff. 

The tobacco-free policy was initiated January 1, 2007. A few residents who made their home at Sunset Manor before that date may continue to smoke in restricted areas outside the building. Smoking is strictly prohibited to subsequent admissions.


Emphasis is placed on the appearance of our residents. It is important to residents, family, and staff that each resident is clean, comfortable, and well-dressed. Provision of clothing is the responsibility of the resident and/or the resident’s representative. Specific clothing recommendations are provided during the application process.

All resident clothing must be labeled with the resident’s name in an inconspicuous place with sew-in labels or indelible ink even if family/friends are doing resident laundry. 

Resident’s Personal Property

We encourage residents to bring personal possessions including some furnishings and appropriate clothing as space permits. Every effort will be made to protect the resident’s personal items from loss or damage while he or she is a resident.

A written inventory of the resident’s personal possessions, signed by the resident or the resident’s legal representative shall be completed at the time of admission and updated at least annually.
All personal effects brought to any resident must be brought to the nurses’ station and checked with the nurse in charge before delivery to the resident. The nurse will label each item and record them in the inventory.


Resident’s Personal Funds

The resident has the right to manage his or her financial affairs.
The resident may authorize the facility in writing to manage any personal funds. If the resident chooses to have the facility manage their funds, the facility may not refuse to handle these funds.

Upon written authorization, the facility must hold, safeguard, manage, and account for the personal funds of the resident deposited with the facility. Residents will have access to petty cash from their personal funds on an ongoing basis and will be able to arrange access to higher fund amounts.

Extension cords and power strips

Electrical extension cords are not permitted in the facility. Power strips may only be used with lamps, computers, telephones, televisions, and radios. It is recommended that you consult with the housekeeping/maintenance department prior to connecting any electrical appliance to an outlet.

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