Free Cancer Screenings
Free Cancer Screenings
Free Cancer Screenings

Partnership Offers Free Cancer Screenings for Eligible Women

Deaths from breast and cervical cancer have been drastically reduced through routine screenings and prompt treatments; however, all too often women postpone these life-saving measures for financial reasons. A partnership between Coffey Health System and the Kansas Department of Health & Environment’s Early Detection Works program brings free breast and cervical cancer screenings for uninsured women throughout the area who meet the program's guidelines.

EDW Information & Guidelines

The program pays for breast and cervical screenings for low-income Kansas women who are between the ages of 40 and 64 who do not have insurance or have insurance with high unmet deductibles. If something abnormal is found, EDW will pay for additional testing and treatment will be referred to SRS for Medicaid coverage under the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Act of 2000.

The goal of the Early Detection Works program is to reduce death from breast and cervical cancer among the women of Kansas. Program components include education, screening, diagnosis, case management, and referral for cancer treatment. The Early Detection Works educational component is directed toward all women in Kansas.

Screenings Offered

Free breast cancer screenings include an annual clinical breast exam performed by a nurse or physician and annual mammograms for women age 50-64. Annual mammograms are provided for women age 40-49 if they have a prior history of cancer; or they have a mother, daughter, or sister with a history of breast cancer; or if a lump is found by the clinician performing the breast exam.

Free cervical cancer screenings include annual pelvic exams and Pap tests for women age 40-64. After three consecutive years of normal Pap tests, the program pays for screening every three years.


To qualify for these services, a woman must meet age and income guidelines. While EDW targets women ages 40-64, possible exceptions exist for women with breast or cervical health issues, prior diagnosis of cancer, or family history of breast cancer. Further, a woman must have no health insurance or inpatient-only insurance with a high, unmet deductible. If screenings detect any abnormalities, Early Detection Works will pay for diagnostic procedures.

More than 20,000 Kansas women have been screened through the Early Detection Works program. Over 500 cases of precancerous and invasive breast or cervical cancer have been identified. EDW is a program of the Kansas Department of Health & Environment.

Do You Qualify for EDW? Enroll Today!

To enroll for Early Detection Works, call (877) 277-1368.
An EDW enrollment number must be obtained prior to services.
For more information, visit

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