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5 Things to Know About Coffey County Hospital’s New MRI

1. It’s inside the hospital! This new unit is not mobile; it is located in a newly designed suite located within the hospital.

2. It allows new services for our patients. Patients no longer have to drive to a hospital in Topeka or Kansas City for prostate and breast exams or for enhanced abdominal scans.

3. More comfortable orthopedic exams. We have the capability to do more difficult extremity exams (i.e. wrist and elbows) with patient’s arm at their side, which is much more comfortable.

4. Faster, better imaging. Some exams can be completed up to 40 percent faster with the same high quality images. This is great for patients who are in pain, have claustrophobia, or are not able to fully hold still.

5. “Feet first” exams! If needed for patient comfort, most exams (from the shoulders down) can be performed feet first. This means the patient’s head does not have to enter the bore. This is a game-changer! Less anxiety means better scans.



Ladies, talk to your doctor today about women's imaging at Coffey County Hospital. We'll gladly schedule your mammogram, bone density, and other screenings in just one visit!



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